Aloha and welcome to the online home of DJ Gabstop.

Small kine me: Although not originally from Hawai’i, DJ Gabstop has been proud to call the majestic islands of Hawai’i home for almost 20 years. He has grown both musically and professionally here within his musical career as a dj, “having influences from my roots growing up in Michoacan Mexico , as well as the underground gatherings deep in the California Deserts; I have learned to incorporate an island sound and feel into my taste and style of DJ muisc choice, selection, and peresentation that is representative to these beautiful Islands in the middle if the Pacific.” DJ Gabstop

From blending and bending genres to cutting and holding down dance floors around the islands, as well as California, Gabstop is a seasoned and well versed DJ and MC when it comes time to get down to business. With almost 20 years of DJ and event production experience, rest assured you are in good hands when you have DJ Gabstop on your team.

Private Residence in Hau’ula, January 2019
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